Functional Medicine & Food Sensitivity

Jul 27, 2023
Food Panel Example
Ever felt stuck in a rut with your diet? Have you felt like you can't lose weight? Maybe your issue is chronic inflammation!

At Spirit of Wellness Reiki Center we are determined to get you to your health goals--the natural way. During a functional medicine consultation we will discuss your goals and barriers to your health. We offer in home food sensitivity testing kits which requires minimal blood via poking your finger (ideally the middle --it has a lot of blood to offer). After we obtain your test results our next consultation will be to review in detail any food sensitivities you may have. When we eat foods that do not align with our gut, the bodie's natural defense is inflammation. When the body is inflammed it cannot heal. Once we figure out the culprit your goals can and will be acheived! We offer a 96 and 208 food panel for the best comprehensive review just for you!