Tarot--The Suit Cards

Oct 11, 2023
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In Tarot there are four main suit groups; wands which connects to the element of fire, cups which connects to the element of water, swords which connects to the element of air, and pentacles which connects to the element of earth.

Tarot: The Suit Cards 

Individual Suit Card Posts:

  1. Wands (Fire): Dedicate a post to the Wands suit. Explain its association with the element of Fire, which represents inspiration, creativity, passion, and action. Describe the symbolism of the Wand cards, such as the Ace of Wands as a spark of potential and the Knight of Wands as adventurous energy. Explore the meanings of each number (Ace to Ten) and the Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen, King) within the Wands suit.

  2. Cups (Water): Focus on the Cups suit, which is linked to the element of Water and emotions. Discuss how Cups represent feelings, relationships, intuition, and the subconscious mind. Interpret the Cups cards, including the Two of Cups symbolizing connection and the Ten of Cups representing emotional fulfillment. Cover the significance of the Court Cards within the Cups suit.

  3. Swords (Air): Devote a post to the Swords suit, associated with the element of Air and the realm of thoughts, communication, and intellect. Explain the symbolism of Swords cards, such as the Three of Swords representing heartbreak and the Ace of Swords symbolizing mental clarity. Explore the meanings of the Court Cards within the Swords suit.

  4. Pentacles (Earth): Explore the Pentacles suit, connected to the element of Earth and the material world, including finances, work, health, and physical manifestations. Discuss the symbolism of Pentacles cards, like the Eight of Pentacles representing skill and the Four of Pentacles symbolizing material security. Cover the interpretations of the Court Cards within the Pentacles suit.

Comparative Analysis: When a reader pulls specific number for instance a 4. Fours in the tarot are about stability, and foundation. For examble if I pulled the four of wands with the four of swords I would interpret this as healing withing a secure foundation and reason to celebrate. 

Reading Techniques: If for example there is many of the same suit in a spread; a reader may take this a number of ways. If I were to pull 11 cards and 9 of the 11 were wands, one would say that there will be a lot of passion and action in the reading; or maybe the person being read is a fire sign for which their energy is huge in their reading. 

Real-Life Applications: The most common readings have to do with love or money. In this case if the reading is about love the cups suit should make an appearance. Where as if it were a money spread I, as a reader would exect the suit of pentacles to make an appearance.