Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings services offered in Elmhurst, IL

Tarot readings help you gain valuable insight into your relationships, career, finances, or other aspects of your life. At Spirit of Wellness Reiki Center in Franklin Park, Illinois, experienced tarot card reader Cari Drake, FNP-BC, harnesses her unique skills as an alternative practitioner to perform personalized tarot card readings. Book your reading online or call the office today.

Tarot Readings Q&A

What are tarot readings?

Tarot readings use tarot cards, a unique set of 78 cards, for divination purposes. If you have questions about love, money, your career, or something else in your life, a tarot reading at Spirit of Wellness Reiki Center can give you valuable insight and help you find a path forward. 

What do the cards in tarot readings mean?

The tarot deck contains:


The major arcana

The major arcana contains 22 cards that symbolize the fool’s path. Major arcana cards are the big-picture ones that represent major turning points and life lessons. Each major arcana card has its own meaning, and their combined significance can be complex. 

For example, the death card rarely means you should expect an imminent physical death. More often, it implies that you are completing a cycle be that in a relationship or phase of life. 


The minor arcana

The minor arcana encompasses the remaining 56 cards in the tarot deck. These cards represent small day-to-day life experiences. The minor arcana has four suitswands, pentacles, cups, and swords:

  • Wands: Wands are a fire symbol relating to energy and passion.  
  • Pentacles: Pentacles are an earth symbol relating to finance, business, and the material world.
  • Cups: Cups are a water symbol signifying emotions, intuition, and creativity.
  • Swords: Swords are an air symbol that represents thoughts and logic. 

The wands, pentacles, cups, and swords have 14 cards each and are numbered much like traditional poker cards. The suits each have an ace as the first card, continuing numbers through 10, and then four court cards: the page, knight, queen, and king. 

While the major arcana cards represent you, the court cards of the minor arcana represent people in and around you.  

Tarot cards have a multitude of meanings, and every reading is unique. As an experienced tarot reader, Cari can divine what the cards are trying to tell you and share that insight. 


How do I set up tarot readings?

You can set up tarot readings through online scheduling or by calling the Spirit of Wellness Reiki Center. Cari can do tarot readings by phone or in person, based on your preferences, and tarot readings are free–Cari only accepts donations for this service.

Interested in learning about how to navigate this phase of your life? Call Spirit of Wellness Reiki Center or click on the online scheduler to arrange a tarot reading now.